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Ageless Wisdom, American Music

We offer these fifteen songs
to the Triple Jewel and
to listeners East and West.

May all beings
gain liberation from suffering
bring forth the Great Resolve for Awakening.

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  1. Venerable Master Hsuan Hua - English, Chinese
  2. Avatamsaka Sutra - Ten Grounds chapter 2009
     Dec 25, 2010 | Jan 1, 8, 15, 2010
  1. Concert for Burma
  2. Paramita CD
  3. American Beef Cow Song, Vegsource Mantra, Invasion of the vegetarians, My beef with my meat loving uncle
  4. Samadhi Shoes - new verses
  5. Don't say the Western Land is somebody else's dream
  6. I'm really lucky to study Buddhism
  7. Gratitude Song
  1. Heart Sutra set to music
  2. Reciting Earth Store Bodhisattva's Name, Earth Store Mantra
  3. Shurangama Mantra - Text first 28 lines, regular speed, slow speed, first 28 lines (regular speed), first 28 lines (slow speed)
  4. Dedication of Merit
  5. The Great Compassion Mantra


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