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Earth Store Boddhisattva's name recitation

1.6 mb Rev. Heng Sure    
Earth Store Mantra - nan buo la mo lin tuo ning suo puo he 8 mb Rev. Heng Sure        
Gwan Yin Bodhisattva Song 1 mb Rev. Heng Sure      
Great Compassion Mantra 5 mb Rev. Heng Sure    
Text of the Great Compassion Mantra
Heart Sutra set to Music
1 mb Rev. Heng Sure        

Shurangama Mantra - Regular speed
5 mb Sangha        

Shurangama Mantra - Slow speed
6 mb Sangha        

Shurangama Mantra first 28 lines - Regular speed


Shurangama Mantra first 28 lines - Slow speed
2 mb Sangha  
Text of Shurangama Mantra first 28 lines

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