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 Name Size/Time Speaker____ Date
Concert for Burma (more details) 33mb All Musicians 10/28//2007    
Gratitude Song with Lyrics
.1mb Rev. Heng Sure 04/07//2007    
American Beef Cow Song - New York Times article
.6mb/0:2:46 Rev. Heng Sure    
"If I was an American Beef Cow, You can bet that I'd be mad too."


My Beef with My Meat Loving Uncle - ,Master Storyteller
5.6mb Brian Conroy    
Vegsource Mantra, 50 Sec.
.2mb Rev. Heng Sure    
"I have enough, I am grateful, Share the blessings, Halleluya"
May all be fed, may all things flourish, may all awaken, Bodhi Svaha."


Invasion of the Vegetarians by Master Storyteller (bconroy@moreland.k12.ca.us)
1.2mb Brian Conroy    

Samadhi Shoes (new verses) - lyric
2mb Rev. Heng Sure      
Dedication of Merit 3mb Rev. Heng Sure      
Don't Say the Western Land is Somebody Else's Dream 3mb Rev. Heng Sure      
I'm Really Lucky to Study Buddhism 3mb Rev. Heng Sure      


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